Monday, March 8, 2010

Green Express is Still the ONLY Eco-Friendly Atlanta Courier

If you are looking for great courier service in Metro Atlanta, there is only once choice if you want to go Eco-friendly.
GREEN Express is Atlanta's Only Eco-friendly courier service using hybrid electric cars which are better for the Atlanta environment.

The Clean Air Campaign named Green Express Innovative Company of the Year for their work on improving Atlanta's environment. Green Express is also involved in EarthShare.

Since Forbes Magazine listed Atlanta as #1 Toxic city in the country in November of 2009, we are getting phone calls from a lot of competitive companies customers who want to switch couriers to an eco-friendly courier because they are concerned about Atlanta's pollution.
We will accept customers from the following Atlanta courier companies: A Quick Delivery courier, Apple Atlanta, Courier Connection, Executive Courier, A 1 Express courier, World
, ATL Courier, Couriernet, Courier Express, Dynamex courier, Lasership courier

If you need immediate courier service call 770-394-3131 x1 for Eco-friendly Atlanta courier service. Check out the website at
For a quick package delivery, call GREEN Express!
To set up an account, click on this link, new acccount.