Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Georgia Clean Air Campaign Honors Green Express with Innovator of the Year Award....

ATLANTA,GA--Each year The Clean Air Campaign recognizes companies and individuals who are making a true impact in commuting and traffic congestion trends in metro Atlanta. The PACE Awards are the Clean Air Campaign's annual program designed to salute the most effective and innovative programs in Georgia. This year, the event was held at the Georgia Aquarium to honor the achievements of companies and individuals in the fight for cleaner air and freedom from traffic congestion.

The PACE Innovator Award is given to the organization in metro Atlanta that introduces innovative solutions to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. The two Finalist for the award, were Green Express, Atlanta's only eco-friendly courier company, and the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Green Express is the first courier company in America switching to a hybrid car fleet. Today, Green Express is the only hybrid car courier company in Atlanta. The fuel efficient cars average 50 mile per gallon and emit 80% less toxins in the air. By switching from traditional cars to hybrids, Green Express has reduced their carbon emissions by approximately 32 tons this year. The company has reduced their fuel consumption by over 2000 gallons this year. Green Express also has GPS tracking, reducing thousands of gallons in fuel consumption. Green Express has moved to e-billing, reducing paper usage by 75%. The company recycles and is involved in composting.

The Gwinnett County Public Schools have moved two thirds of the district's school buses to lower-emission diesel-powered engines. They also undergo regular maintenance to ensure they run optimally. The school system also recycles lunch trays, designs energy-efficient buildings, and teaches environmental lessons in the classroom.

There were pre-recorded videos shown on both of the organizations. Then CBS46 meteorologist Laura Huckabee, host of the PACE Awards, announced the Innovator of the Year was Green Express. Managing Partner Jay Holgate accepted the award and gave some brief remarks stating Green Express made the changes because it was the right thing to do. Holgate also challenged the audience of nearly 2500 people to make the switch to Green Express because every person in the audience worked for a company that used a courier, and it would make a difference. The PACE Innovator Award honored Green Express for overhauling its business model to support a hybrid delivery fleet.

Clean Air Campaign Executive Director Kevin Green said the PACE Awards highlight efforts in Metro Atlanta that are having a positive impact on the region’s traffic and air quality. "These award winners are outstanding examples of the leadership and vision required to put a plan into action and see measurable results." Green said

"The high quality of the PACE applications illustrates the hard work being done throughout the metro region in the name of mobility, air quality and a better quality of life for metro Atlanta residents," continued Green.
The PACE Awards were presented by The Clean Air Campaign in cooperation with the region’s transportation management associations (TMAs) and 1-87-RIDEFIND. Media sponsors included CBS 46, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and WABE 90.1 FM.

The mission of The Clean Air Campaign is to motivate Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. There are 4.2 million people in the metro Atlanta region today, and another 2.5 million expected in the next 25 years. The Clean Air Campaign is focused on addressing traffic and air quality challenges in metro Atlanta.

To find out more about Green Express, go to http://www.greendelivers.com/