Thursday, October 2, 2008

GREEN Express Couriers Deliver During Atlanta Fuel Shortage

Energy shortage. First the problem was high gas prices. People complained that $4 gallon gas prices were eating up their discretionary income. Then when Hurricane Ike came through, Atlanta experienced a whole new problem. No gas. Refineries knocked off-line had reduced supply.

Atlanta gas stations had either no gas or a significantly smaller supply which usually went dry within a few hours. Many people were wasting gas by driving around looking for service stations with long lines. Fear and chaos prevailed.

Hybrid cars use less fuel. During the gas crises, Green Express couriers kept on driving and delivering packages around Atlanta. Green Express had converted their fleet of cars to hybrid vehicles in 2007. The hybrid electric cars were getting 50 miles per gallon and could go around 1100 miles before re-fueling. As most Atlanta drivers were getting stressed about finding fuel, Green Ex drivers just kept driving and delivering rush deliveries.

Managing partner Jay Holgate said, "Long lines at gas stations are stressful. We are glad our green business model of hybrid vehicles supported our customers during a fuel crises."

Finding gas stations with fuel, no problem. Since the company has GPS tracking on their cars, the dispatcher could go on-line and communicate to the drivers when they were near gas stations that had fuel. Most gas stations only had fuel for a couple of hours so the key was to get to a station quickly before long lines ate up supply.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Speaking of the Environment

Has your company thought about Going GREEN? Going GREEN with your company could be a huge risk. However, Going GREEN could also be the move that brings in new customers, improves employee morale and contributes to a better quality of life for everybody.

In 2006, the leadership of an Atlanta courier company determined it was time to change company direction and Go Green! From a conversion to hybrid cars, e-mail billing, eco cleaners to tele-working, Green Express changed the way they did business to earth friendly methods. And the results are impressive.

Immediately the company reduced fuel costs by 50%, paper consumption by 94% and the hybrid cars were emitting 80% less toxins in Atlanta's air than the competition. A year later, over 200 new customers have come on board primarily because they want to do the right thing for the environment. Some of the companies doing business with Green Express have initiated recycling programs, paper reduction systems and carpooling.

Hear the story of how America's first hybrid car courier moved to a green friendly approach right before the crash of the real estate market. Find out what worked, what failed and why the Clean Air Campaign awarded Green Express a PACE Award and named them Innovative Company of the Year in 2007 in Georgia.

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To view a TV interview with managing partner Jay Holgate go to:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

As Gas Prices Rise, Atlanta’s Eco-Friendly Courier Lowers Next Day Delivery Rates

ATLANTA, GA-- While most delivery services are raising their prices to survive the rising gas prices, one Atlanta courier service is doing just the opposite. Green Express, Atlanta’s only eco-friendly courier service, announced today that the company was lowering its next day delivery fee to a flat rate of $12.

Effective May 15, Green Express will charge $12 for next day delivery rate to for all online customers in the four major Metro Atlanta counties of Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett. No fuel surcharges will be added to the next day fee.

“Other delivery services are suffering from the current escalating gas prices, but because of our eco-friendly business model and the fuel-efficient electric delivery vehicles we use, Green Express is not,” said Jay Holgate, managing partner of Green Express. “Instead of charging more or adding in a fuel surcharge, we are reducing our rates to pass along our savings to our customers.”

“With our online ordering system, satellite offices, GPS tracking technology and other green business practices, we are able to handle the logistics of 24 hour package delivery for Atlanta businesses, saving them money and saving fuel at the same time,” he added.

In 2007, Green Express became the first courier company in America to switch to hybrid vehicles. The eco-friendly courier service uses green Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicles to make deliveries in metro Atlanta. The hybrid electric vehicles average 47 miles to the gallon and emit 80% less toxins in the air than typical delivery vehicles.

"We knew high gas prices were coming two years ago," said Holgate, “so we changed our business model and technology platform to be competitive in this type of market. As a result, our fuel usage is down by 50%.”

“With gas prices exceeding $3.50 a gallon, it's basically cost prohibitive for a person to drive a package across town. People are starting to realize this and calling couriers to make the delivery," he said. In the past year, Green Express has added more than 200 new green friendly customers who realized the advantages of using an eco-friendly courier service.

“Atlanta businesses right now are feeling the pressure of higher fuel prices, and Green Express is one of the few companies in position to help out,” said Holgate. “When economic times are challenging, people tend to get more price conscious. Our $12 next day rate makes us extremely competitive in the next day delivery market.”

“Environmentally responsible companies prefer Green Express’ hybrid electric cars to the diesel based vehicles used by the national delivery companies," said Holgate. “By using our eco-friendly business for package delivery, businesses not only save on fuel costs but they also have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping reduce gasoline emissions. According to the Department of Natural Resources, Atlanta experienced 49 days of smog alerts in 2007 which are issued to the public about unhealthy air quality.

Gas prices are hurting all delivery companies, but the Green Express logistics chain is efficient for next day delivery with multiple driver drop sites. Green customers get immediate e-mail notification when the package is dropped with a signature name. Some customers get a phone call letting them know their package has been delivered. The next day deliveries include Monday through Friday deliveries only.

Many businesses prefer the courier delivery system to a national overnight delivery company because couriers typically don't have as many touch points, no conveyor belts and significantly less chance of a package being lost. “Green Express is perfect for those customers who are price sensitive and want more hands-on customer service than a national delivery company can provide,” said Holgate.

Next day delivery is one more innovative move for Green Express. Courier companies typically deliver packages same day; within a one to three hour delivery time frame. Same day delivery is the core component of the courier system.

Green Express was named Innovative Company of the Year in 2007 by the Clean Air Campaign of Georgia. The mission of The Clean Air Campaign is to motivate Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. Green Express uses hybrid cars for deliveries, GPS for more efficient routing, and e-billing to reduce paper consumption. In 2008, the company moved to satellite offices to reduce wasted resources involved with drive time. The company employees have laptops and are networked and communicate primarily through email.

Green Express plans to offer more eco-friendly business solutions as the market demands in 2008. For more info on Green Express, visit

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

City of Atlanta Raises Awareness Through Earth Hour...

On March 29, 2008, for one hour, the World Wildlife Fund and the City of Atlanta will ask residences and businesses to help raise awareness about climate change in an event called Earth Hour. This event, that will take place in homes, business and local communities from 8-9pm, requires one simple task; turning off your lights for one hour.

With Mayor Shirley Franklin as the Board Chair, and the City of Atlanta police, fire and emergency service departments supporting Earth Hour, we are sure to make this a safe and successful event. <>

Earth Hour has transformed from a single event held last year in Australia into a global phenomenon. Last year, Sydney, Australia had 2.2 million residents participate and with they help of local business and monuments, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, they had a 10% drop in energy use for one hour.

Currently, there are more than 11 cities across the world who have pledged to take place in this event and raise awareness. Atlanta is just one of the 3 sister cities in the US that support our flagship city of Chicago, Illinois.

We will be targeting all Atlanta neighborhoods in this effort including the Atlanta skyline (Bank of America, Westin Peachtree Plaza, 1180 Peachtree, etc). We will not ask for business to close or stop running, just for fa├žade lighting to be turned off and perhaps darken unnecessary interiors through candle light or dimmers.

Green Express couriers will deliver Earth Hour posters during the month of March with each of its deliveries in the Metro Atlanta area.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weather Channel Warms Up to Green Express Courier Rates...

We recently were interviewed by The Weather Channel for their Forecast Earth series. When the producer called and said he would meet me at my office, I gave him a Starbucks Coffee address in Dunwoody. After he got permission from Starbucks Corporate office for the filming, we met. Two and a half hours later, we got nearly 3 minutes of tape on Green Express.

For the full interview, go to:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Radio Sandy Springs Features Green Express Couriers of Atlanta

Radio Sandy Springs host Gary Gross interviewed Jay Holgate of Green Express Couriers at the studios in Sandy Springs 1620 AM. Topics included Holgate growing up in a solar energy home, and businesses reducing unhealthy air in Atlanta by switching to a Hybrid car courier company like Green Express. Holgate encouraged action by government to give incentives to businesses and individuals to invest in hybrid vehicles. For full interview go to:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Green Express Partners with The Clean Air Campaign

We made it official and now we are partnering with The Clean Air Campaign of Georgia. The mission of The Clean Air Campaign is to motivate Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. Green Express has made it our mission to improve the quality of life for the people of Atlanta through enviro friendly delivery services. Green express primarily couriers packages from office to office throughout Atlanta.

Green Express is proud to be a member of the Clean Air Campaign. Green Express has already reduced our carbon emissions by over 40 tons which is a start on improving air quality. Our Toyota Prius investment was expensive but it is in the best interest for this great community. Green Express is also reducing the total traffic in Atlanta. For every package we deliver, that is one less car on the road reducing the total traffic in Atlanta. Green Express is also partnering with nearly one thousand customers and is making an impact with e-billing, recycling and awareness to environmental stewardship.

Atlanta still has problems that need to be addressed. Atlanta is still the #1 city in the country for kids with asthma. Atlanta is still exceeding state and federal guidelines during the summer months. When car and truck fumes and a hot sun mix for a toxic air quality, it is dangerous for our kids and immune systems.

Working together, Atlantans can reduce emissions that contribute to smog formation. We are excited about being a problem solver in this arena. We hope you will join us. Please visit our website and partner with us at