Thursday, December 20, 2007

For Last Minute Shipping in Atlanta, Call a Green Courier...

The Christmas season can get extremely busy with parties, family get togethers, gift buying, decorating and cooking. There is too much to do and not enough time to do it.

At this time, it is basically too late to send a package by UPS. The US Postal Service is out of the question for delivery by Christmas. If you want the gift to arrive before Christmas, you better call a green courier.

Green Express has it's hybrid vehicles all ready with the batteries at full charge to handle the last minute delivery needs of businesses and individuals with busy schedules. Our drivers want to make sure that all packages get to their destination before Christmas. Green Express drivers will be working late for the final days leading up to Christmas.

Even if you are not a current customer, Green Express can take care of your delivery need if you can pay by credit card. All it takes is a phone call with the pick up location and the delivery location and the order is in place. All orders must be called in between 8 am and 6 pm Monday thru Friday. To order a delivery today, call 770-394-3131.

For more information about Atlanta's Only Eco-Friendly Courier Company, go to

Green Express was Awarded the Innovative Company of the Year for 2007 by the Clean Air Campaign.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Lazy Environmentalist Interviews Green Express Couriers...

I had the pleasure today to talk to Josh Dorfman in Manhattan, New York. Josh is a radio host and has a show on Sirius Satellite Radio called the Lazy Environmentalist. Josh liked the Green Express story of switching to hybrid cars for better fuel efficiency and less toxins in the air.

I told Josh with our outlay of capital for the hybrid vehicles that I went from a lazy environmentalist to a broke environmentalist. I also told Josh about how we made a decision following Hurricane Katrina that we wanted to be part of the crowd that was doing the right thing for people and the planet.

Ultimately, we are in the business of helping people by being better stewards of the environment. We want to do our part.

Josh is an energetic guy and during the live broadcast, he would talk to me during the breaks about environmental stuff. Then I would hear like a crackling noise and he would go back on the air. It was kind of the ultimate in multi-tasking for him. I just kind of held back until he asked a question because I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. It was all good and fun.

We had a caller in Wisconsin ask if there were any hybrid vans on the market because she was a courier and delivered medical products. Josh referred her to a couple car websites.

It was a fun experience and our intent is to spread the word about "green businesses" so more people will get involved and become green entrepreneurs. He didn't mention a "Josh and Jay show" for the future but did say he would like to call back.

For more information about the interview, go to:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Food Shed Planet Interviews Green Express

The following article was recently published in Food Shed Planet.

Jay Holgate considers himself to have been just a regular guy who went about his business. However, his business is a van-based courier service, and when he saw what happened with gas prices after Hurrican Katrina, he had an "aha" moment at the gas pump.

"I was angry at what the gas companies were doing," he told me recently, "and I was shocked to realize how fragile our society really is."

Jay, the father of two children, also discovered that Atlanta is number one in the nation in childhood asthma. The city had 47 days of smog alert last year, which means the air quality exceeded both state and federal air quality standards. Yet more and more cars pile onto Atlanta's roads each and every day. Jay was concerned about being part of the problem.

"I decided right then and there that we were going to change the way we did business," he said. "I believe we gotta' do the right thing."

So Jay's company did a complete overhaul, purchased $100,000 worth of hybrid vehicles and emerged in January 2007 as Green Express, the first courier company in the nation to use hybrid vehicles in its fleet. Since then, Jay has aquired 135 new customers, mostly businesses that have made environmental commitments as well. He has converted 92% of his clients to e-billing, reducing his company's paper use by 82%. He has reduced carbon by 34 tons so far this year. And Green Express was just presented with the PACE Innovator Award by the Clean Air Campaign.

But Jay Holgate is not stopping there.

"We are using the daily routes our drivers already cover to transport recyclables from our clients' offices to recycling locations," Jay explained. "And we are about to launch a healthy snack program for breakrooms where we will set up, stock and replenish alternatives to high-fat, high-sugar snacks. In short, we have expanded our borders for a traditional courier company."

And so, I asked Jay how I can use his services. He told me that many of his clients are teleworkers like me and Green Express picks up packages and documents to deliver to home offices and clients every day. What's more, Green Express delivers personal packages as well, for an average cost of about $25 (you can probably get that down to $15 if you can give him a few hours). Need a holiday gift picked up from a store at the mall? Save gas, save time and save your sanity by letting Green Express get it for you, especially during that last week of holiday shopping when UPS doesn't guarantee delivery and you just need that one last gift from the overcrowded, nowhere-to-park mall.

I asked Jay if he felt as if he had changed as a result of his Green Express epiphany. He told me, "We started being more conscious of the products we use on our bodies and in the environment. I eat a lot better now. I really care about improving Atlanta's air quality. Once you get aware of these things, then you just continue to grow."

Jay's "aha" moment reminds me of 9/12/2001, when I stood there at Publix supermarket, picking out toasted oat cereal and powdered milk for my emergency food kit and wondering about the security of our nation's food supply. And in that moment, I decided to plant my garden, which has since fed my family something every single day for five years now.

Jay's "aha" moment reminds me of the surreal conversations we're having here in Atlanta now about this drought situation--there are those who think it's nothing (the majority of people to whom I talk, unfortunately), and those on the other extreme who think Atlanta is going to dry up and become a ghost town and we need to start thinking about hightailing it out of here.

Consider that it rained the other night and the level of our main reservoir, Lake Lanier, was down the next morning rather than up (one little rain and my rainbarrel is full again, by the way). I've read reports that say that we need three solid years of above average rainfall to get our water level back to normal. I've read that this winter and next spring are predicted to be dryer and warmer than usual, and that by next summer we will be in a truly catastrophic situation.

Federal and state authorities announced yesterday that we have 79 days drinking water left in Lake Lanier. 79 days, folks. This is not a little issue. If my calculations are correct, that takes us to exactly Ground Hog Day--or should I say Ground Dry Day. And that would be precisely when farmers in Georgia would be planting their spring crops. Theoretically.

And I want to tell you out there--Atlanta is a lush city in the eastern part of the United States, at the foothills of mountains. If we are having a water crisis, it could happen anywhere. The burning question, of course, is what are we going to do about it? How can we use this as an opportunity to showcase the very best of humanity with innovative solutions that truly work?

Click here to find out more about Green Express and the Clean Air Campaign. By the way, I have located only three other couriers that use hybrid vehicles--one in Portland, Oregon; one in Ontario; and one in London. If you know of any others, tell us about them!

As for the drought, we're not done with that one yet.

For full story, go to

Friday, November 16, 2007

Atlanta Courier Company Helps Deliver Recycled Electronics...

Green Express is doing our part to help with the environment. With the recent water shortage, a lot more people seem to be interested in environmental stewardship. Our belief is that everybody can do something to help our environment and no step is too small. It all adds up and we all can agree that a better quality of life is good for everybody.

Below is a list of items that we can pick up from your home or office and take to the closest recycling center. It is better for our environment if we are taking these items to recycle center where they can be reused and recycled. Atlanta already has to much trash going to landfills and many electronics are harmful when disposed of in this manner.

For pick up, please call 770-394-3131. There will be a delivery fee.


Recycle your electronics so that steel, glass, plastic and precious metals can be RECOVERED, RECYCLED and REUSED.

Thanks for doing your part to help with the environment.

Go Green!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How do you get Recycled Items to an Atlanta Recycle Center?

They don't make it easy to recycle. We needed to get rid of some older computers, printers, and other computer components. Our goal was to get the items in a place where they could be recycled and potentially re-used for some other neat product.

We didn't want to send more junk to the landfill and see another report on TV of how our landfills are over filled and toxins are finding their way into the drinking water.

So as we searched the internet, we found all the locations in Atlanta that take older electronic equipment for use in recycling. Then I realized I have three computers in my basement that should be recycled and our staff members said they had old equipment stored away.

Another business opportunity. If you help people, you will always have a successful business. So Green Express decided we would provide a service for Atlantans who want to recycle electronics but don't have the time to wait around for a once a year event. Many of us want to send our stuff to the right place but we just don't have the time to find out where to go.

For a reasonable delivery fee, Green Express will pick up electronic equipment from your office or residence and deliver it to a recycle center. We provide this service year round and customers can even pay with a credit card.

It doesn't get any easier than that. You just make a phone call, our courier picks up your recyclables and we take it to a recycle center so you can go back to doing other more important things. If you have any questions, please call Brent at 770-394-3131.

We are excited that November 15 is National Recycle day. For more information about recycling, go to

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Georgia Clean Air Campaign Honors Green Express with Innovator of the Year Award....

ATLANTA,GA--Each year The Clean Air Campaign recognizes companies and individuals who are making a true impact in commuting and traffic congestion trends in metro Atlanta. The PACE Awards are the Clean Air Campaign's annual program designed to salute the most effective and innovative programs in Georgia. This year, the event was held at the Georgia Aquarium to honor the achievements of companies and individuals in the fight for cleaner air and freedom from traffic congestion.

The PACE Innovator Award is given to the organization in metro Atlanta that introduces innovative solutions to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. The two Finalist for the award, were Green Express, Atlanta's only eco-friendly courier company, and the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Green Express is the first courier company in America switching to a hybrid car fleet. Today, Green Express is the only hybrid car courier company in Atlanta. The fuel efficient cars average 50 mile per gallon and emit 80% less toxins in the air. By switching from traditional cars to hybrids, Green Express has reduced their carbon emissions by approximately 32 tons this year. The company has reduced their fuel consumption by over 2000 gallons this year. Green Express also has GPS tracking, reducing thousands of gallons in fuel consumption. Green Express has moved to e-billing, reducing paper usage by 75%. The company recycles and is involved in composting.

The Gwinnett County Public Schools have moved two thirds of the district's school buses to lower-emission diesel-powered engines. They also undergo regular maintenance to ensure they run optimally. The school system also recycles lunch trays, designs energy-efficient buildings, and teaches environmental lessons in the classroom.

There were pre-recorded videos shown on both of the organizations. Then CBS46 meteorologist Laura Huckabee, host of the PACE Awards, announced the Innovator of the Year was Green Express. Managing Partner Jay Holgate accepted the award and gave some brief remarks stating Green Express made the changes because it was the right thing to do. Holgate also challenged the audience of nearly 2500 people to make the switch to Green Express because every person in the audience worked for a company that used a courier, and it would make a difference. The PACE Innovator Award honored Green Express for overhauling its business model to support a hybrid delivery fleet.

Clean Air Campaign Executive Director Kevin Green said the PACE Awards highlight efforts in Metro Atlanta that are having a positive impact on the region’s traffic and air quality. "These award winners are outstanding examples of the leadership and vision required to put a plan into action and see measurable results." Green said

"The high quality of the PACE applications illustrates the hard work being done throughout the metro region in the name of mobility, air quality and a better quality of life for metro Atlanta residents," continued Green.
The PACE Awards were presented by The Clean Air Campaign in cooperation with the region’s transportation management associations (TMAs) and 1-87-RIDEFIND. Media sponsors included CBS 46, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and WABE 90.1 FM.

The mission of The Clean Air Campaign is to motivate Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. There are 4.2 million people in the metro Atlanta region today, and another 2.5 million expected in the next 25 years. The Clean Air Campaign is focused on addressing traffic and air quality challenges in metro Atlanta.

To find out more about Green Express, go to

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green Express Announces Part-Time Job Opportunity for Atlanta Professionals....

Green Express Sales Program

We just need you to talk up Green Express, Atlanta's Only Hybrid Car Courier Company. If you know a lot of people in Atlanta and you refer them to Green Express, we will pay you for it.

In the Green Express model, our focus is to be different from all other courier companies and efficient in everything we do. We believe we can grow Green Express through a work force of independent salespeople with connections to Atlanta companies. Everybody loves our Green concept, our prices are competitive with other companies, we just need to get the word out in the most efficient way possible.

The Entire Training Program is Below:

The courier business is similar to the overnight delivery of UPS except we make most of our deliveries same day. Couriers deliver packages from one business to another usually in 2-3 hours. Most companies find it too expensive to put a staff person in an insured car to drive a document across town. So companies call couriers to deliver their documents.

We work for businesses, individuals whoever needs stuff picked up. Everybody will at some time find it more convenient to call a courier than to run a errand across town.

Green Express is Atlanta’s Only Hybrid Car Courier Company. Our hybrids get 50+ miles to the gallon and emit 80% less toxins in the air than traditional cars. Atlanta is the #1 city for asthma for kids in the country. We had 47 days of smog alerts in 2006 where Atlanta air quality had exceeded state and federal guidelines and it is unhealthy to be outdoors.

So far this year, our hybrids have reduced 30 tons of greenhouse gases into the Atlanta air. We have reduced demand for fuel and saved our drivers approximately $3000 in fuel expenses.

Our signature piece is our Toyota Prius. At speeds under 30 miles per hour, the car primarily runs on its electric battery which makes it ideal for in-town traffic. In bumper to bumper traffic, the car emits zero toxins.

GPS on Every Driver- No more lost packages. Green Ex knows exactly where our drivers are, how fast they are driving and which direction they are heading. We track it, all the way to delivery.

Email Confirmation of Delivery. No more wondering if the package was delivered. Our system sends an instant email confirming signature and time of delivery. Our On-time delivery rate is consistently 98% on time which is tops in the industry.

On-line Ordering- Our on-line system is very similar to UPS or FedEx system for ordering packages online.

Hours Monday – Friday 8 am -7 pm. We will deliver on weekends if pre-arranged.

For more detailed info which has link to our blog.

Three Options for Signing Up New Customers:
1) Set them up (using our customer sheet) and fax to our office.
2) Have them call our office by giving them a card. You will have a generic business card which has complete information for contacting our office.
3) Get us a name and number of someone “interested” and we will close out the deal.
4) However, you do it, Carter Hooks will be their representative and will get them all the information they need. Carter will also be your in-office contact. 770-394-3131.

Commission Payment: We pay commissions at the end of every month. For a valid referral, Green Express pays 10% commission for one year. Fuel charges are not included in commission. We cannot pay commission on no-pay accounts. After 60 days, an account is considered no-pay. Checks are mailed and a 1099 is issued at end of year.

The Main Question you will be asking: Does your company use a courier company? Would you switch to a earth friendly courier if the price is the same?

If our referral program works for you, please go to below site and complete short application.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Green Express is Changing the Couriers Footprint on Atlanta......

Atlanta Courier Company Goes Green
Marc Pickard reports

Reported by: Marc Pickard WXIA TV

Jay Holgate didn't want to change the world. He just wanted to change the way his business did business. So he turned it green. And by doing what was right for him, he may just change the world.

The legacy of Hurricane Katrina is mostly broken lives. In that debris, one man saw something that fundamentally changed him.

"People were leaving their homes,” recalled Jay Holgate. "With just the shirt on their back, and they were welcomed in Atlanta by gas prices that were $3.50 a gallon -- and we just thought that that was criminal."

In the courier business since the mid-90s, Jay Holgate was rocked by the fallout from Hurricane Katrina. He began converting his courier fleet to hybrid cars.

"Somebody's gotta be a leader here,” said Holgate. "And we're gonna do it. We may not change anybody but our customers, but, we're gonna do the right thing.”

Half of the Green Express courier service fleet is green, with more on the way.

Before they added green cars to their fleet -- the hybrid vehicles -- the courier company was getting about 21miles to the gallon. Now they're getting between 46 and 51.

They've cut their fuel bill in half. They've cut their toxic emissions by 80 percent. They've reduced the amount of carbon pollution by 30 tons.

Since January they've gained more than 100 customers. By switching half his fleet to hybrid vehicles, Jay Holgate is saving $2,500 in fuel costs a year.

"The main part was the hybrid cars,” said Julie Hay of Midtown Bank. "Them being environmentally friendly, their service is excellent. It really is."

The Midtown Bank in Atlanta switched to Green Express as part of its decision to be more environmentally friendly.

"We don't sit in traffic,” said Brent Hilburn of Green Express. “We don't waste fuel and we don't waste time."

We don't need to look far to see the mark of man's hand on this planet. Jay Holgate is doing what he can to lighten the touch.

Video Available!

See full video....

Friday, September 7, 2007

Earth Share of Georgia announces Partnership with Atlanta’s Only Earth Friendly Courier

ATLANTA, GA – Earth Share of Georgia joins forces with Green Express, the first courier in the country to switch to hybrid cars. For every new account that mentions Earth Share of Georgia, Green Express will donate one dollar to Earth Share on each delivery.

According to Madeline Reamy, Executive Director of Earth Share, “Our partnership with Green Express is a perfect fit. We work closely with Atlanta businesses who look to us for new ways to ‘green’ their workplaces. Here’s an easy way to reduce air pollution and save fuel.” Earth Share of Georgia is the state’s only dedicated environmental fund, and raises money for 61 leading environmental groups through employee giving campaigns and Earth Day events.

Jay Holgate, managing partner of Green Express courier knew it was time for a change when gas hit $3 a gallon last year. “Affordable gas is the lifeblood of any courier company,” Holgate explains. “With gas prices at an all-time high, our hybrids are delivering significant savings.” He sensed that Atlanta companies would share his commitment to reducing their own use of imported oil, as well as their desire for cleaner air. The response has been tremendous. After all, every time a courier is used, that’s one less car on Atlanta’s roads. And now through Green Express, people will support Earth Share of Georgia.

Green Express estimates the hybrid cars use 46% less gas than traditional cars. Their drivers travel at least 2,500 miles every day delivering packages throughout metro Atlanta in 16 counties. Green Express hybrids average 47 miles per gallon, while their traditional cars get just 25 miles per gallon.
Plus, the hybrids are zero-emission vehicles while idling or going below 30 miles an hour. At higher speeds, they put out one ton of greenhouse gases to every 3.4 tons spewing from conventional cars.

Holgate and his team all have young children which was another motivator to go green. He notes, “with Atlanta’s frequent smog alerts, we have more cases of childhood asthma than almost any city in the country. Reducing air pollution matters. It matters to our kids. And it matters to our customers.”

Once Green Express took the leap of faith going green, it became a crusade – a kind of challenging game – to filter every process through an environmental microscope. To boost efficiencies even further, the most advanced GPS mapping technology is used to reroute drivers to alternate roads to avoid the worst traffic – another way to save fuel. One wrong turn can waste a gallon of gas every day times 10 cars; that’s at least 2,200 gallons a year.

Holgate encourages his customers to rethink how often they use their own cars for trips Green Express can easily handle. “We are already on the road using the most efficient routes driving zero-emission cars,” Holgate remarks. “It makes sense to let us run personal errands as well as business deliveries to save gas and people’s precious time.” Learn more at

Earth Share of Georgia offers citizens one smart and simple way to care for our air, land and water. As Georgia’s only dedicated environmental fund, Earth Share partners with businesses and employees to support 61 leading environmental groups through workplace giving campaigns, Earth Day and other activities. For more information on how you and your company can help carry on the Earth Day message throughout the year, call Earth Share of Georgia at 404-873-3173, or visit

For photos and to schedule an interview, please contact Elizabeth Patrick at
404-873-3173 or

Green Express Partners with Earth Share

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Atlanta Traffic—Courier Companies Could Reduce Total Volume of Polluting Vehicles

Our Goal: Reduce Atlanta Traffic. Every time our courier is used, that's one less car on Atlanta's roads. In some weeks, we have reduced 1000 cars a week from the roads of Atlanta. That is a difference. Heavens knows, we need it.

If Atlantans would call a courier instead of jumping in the car and making a special trip, we could significantly reduce the number of cars on the road. As more and more corporate companies partner with Green Express for courier deliveries, we will continue to reduce the total number of cars on Atlanta’s roads and polluting toxin emissions.

Green Express is also better for the Environment. Our hybrid cars put 80% less toxins in the air than most cars and we get 50+ miles to the gallon with our electric hybrid vehicles.

Green Express is the Only courier company in Atlanta to drive hybrids so it gives responsible consumers one more reason to Go Green in Atlanta.

I Prefer to Call a Courier than to Make the Drive Myself. Many times throughout the year, I will have an item picked up at a store or a package delivered to a friend instead of making the special trip. I save fuel, time and it’s better for my stress level to stay out of the traffic. Our drivers are already on the road with package carpooling so it is easy for them to include it on their route.

If you are going to do it, do it the right way. Some people say they make the trip to make sure it is executed the right way. The beauty with Green Express Couriers is that their isn’t the black hole with other delivery companies wondering if the package got to it’s destination.

Green Express has an instant email notification that sends you an email with 10 seconds of delivery with the name of the signature of who signed for the package. It takes a lot of the mystery out of delivery. We also have GPS on every driver so we always know where they are.

Heavy Traffic for Labor Day is Expected. As we approach the Labor Day weekend, Atlanta’s roads will be jammed packed starting at about 12:30 pm on Friday. Highways 85, 75 and 400 will be bumper to bumper as always. I-20 will be loaded as travelers going to the beach for the last time make their journey through Atlanta. I hope your trip is a safe one.

Just remember, the next time you need something picked up, make an effort to reduce traffic, call a Green Express courier at 770-394-3131 and let us reduce traffic together.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Green Express Needs More Sales People

Sales Person --Corporate Accounts

Position available immediately for Experienced Salesperson. Green Express - Atlanta's earth-friendly delivery company is the country's first courier to switch to Toyota hybrid electric cars.

Committed to reducing air pollution and improving fuel efficiency in all aspects of the operation, Green Express seeks an experienced salesperson to introduce our services to large companies in metro Atlanta.

Green Express is Atlanta's Only Earth Friendly Courier Company.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, seasoned salesperson. The full time salesperson will call on decision makers in public relations and operations departments of Atlanta corporations. Key job functions include setting appointments, making presentations and closing sales to rapidly build our customer base. Salesperson will also attend enviromental seminars and events to create referrals.

Corporate Atlanta companies want to use Green Vendors but they have to be contacted first.

Our company has been in business for eleven years as Georgia Couriers and has recently announced its new focus to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and join efforts with its clients to reduce their own impact on Atlanta's air quality. Green Express core business is delivering packages within a 50-mile radius of downtown Atlanta with same-day service to 16 metro counties.

As Green Express grows its reputation for environmental stewardship, additional mobile services will be offered such as shredding, picking up old computers for recycling, performing eco audits, stocking environmental friendly supplies and other services that can be performed by delivery professionals in hybrid electric vehicles.

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Jay Holgate at

For more information: Green Express Couriers

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Story of Why We Converted to Green Express Couriers

By Jay Holgate
Green Express Couriers

In 2005, three major storms collided and it completely changed my life and my perspective on the world. When my heart and mind changed, I made radical changes to my courier business. The reality for all of us is that the world is fine until a problem affects you directly. Then you make changes. This is my story of how I became involved in Atlanta’s environmental world.

Strike One-In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the northern gulf coast killing almost 2000 people, and destroying 81 billion dollars in homes and businesses. As the people of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi fled inland to Atlanta they were greeted by gas gougers who had bumped gas prices to over $3.50 per gallon . It disturbed me that as churches were volunteering and making resources available to help families that had lost everything, some unscrupulous businesses were trying to profit in their time of crises.

Strike Two- When the price of gas increased over a dollar a gallon in a short period of time, it created panic in Atlanta. Everybody started buying gas in case we had a shortage. I was leaving to go out of town on a Friday and three gas stations were out of fuel and at the fourth one, I had to wait 15 minutes in a line of cars with highly stressed out people to buy high priced fuel. At that very moment, sitting in that hostile line, I told myself I would do what I could to get my company away from dependence on fuel.

The following week, for my drive home from work, I put down the top on my car on Highway 400. When the traffic went bumper to bumper and stop and go, the fumes from all the cars and trucks were intoxicating. The smell of diesel and idling cars is a terrible smell. It’s hard to enjoy a car, the fresh air and freedom when you’re choking on dirty air.

Strike Three- Not long after my experiences with high priced fuel, gas shortages, and dirty air my wife and I started to seek out other areas for a better quality of life for our family. We soon changed our diet to get away from the preservatives and dairy products. We became a lot more conscious of clean water and clean air. In the process, I decided I was going to change my company. We changed to Green Express with an environmental message reflecting our core belief in doing the right thing. We started buying hybrid Toyota Prius cars; we moved away from paper and started e-billing, and started taking office waste to recycle centers.

Our Progess: So far this year, Green Express has reduced our paper consumption in the office by 75%. Through our hybrid cars, we have reduced consumption of gasoline by 650 gallons saving $1700 in fuel costs. By switching from tradional courier vehicle to hybrids, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 30 tons. So we have reduced 30 tons of emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane from Atlanta’s air. Atlanta is excited about going green and we have picked up over 60 customers in a couple of months. Green Express is growing and plans on bringing on more hybrids by the end of the year as more new customers come on board.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Courier Makes Business Case for Being Green

by Erin Moriarty
Atlanta Business Chronicle
(Reprint from Article on June 21, 2007)

An Atlanta courier is trying an alternate route to business success.

Green Express is in the process of converting to hybrid electric cars as part of an overall transformation to become more environmentally friendly. The company bought four of the cars in January and will purchase two more this summer, eventually replacing all 10 cars in its fleet. The new Toyota Prius vehicles are getting about 50 miles per gallon compared to their previous vehicles, which got 20 to 25 miles per gallon, said Jay Holgate, managing partner of Green Express.

Its drivers travel about 2,500 miles per day, so gas mileage is extremely important. The company's bottom line is very vulnerable to fuel price fluctuations and the hybrid electric cars have proven to be a sound investment, Holgate said. "We wanted to do something different to get us away from being so dependent on oil," said Holgate.

The changes at Green Express are part of a growing trend of companies recognizing the potential benefits of becoming more environmentally sustainable.

"They want to reduce emissions and keep their consumption of fuel down so they can save money, reduce the risk of regulation and be responsive to the growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services," said Susan Graff, a principal at the consulting firm ERS Inc.

The U.S. market for environmentally friendly products and services -- ranging from industrial products to kitchen appliances -- is about $158 billion, according to an organization called Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

Graff, a former executive with the Environmental Protection Agency, has been helping companies like The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) and Unilever Plc with environmental strategies for more than 10 years. She says environmental issues are gaining new clout in the corporate world as large companies like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) and Interface Inc. put pressure on their suppliers to become more environmentally sustainable.

"A company like Green Express will be well-positioned to take advantage of these large companies that have gone to giving preferential treatment to suppliers who have reduced their environmental footprint," Graff said.

Green Express changed its name from Georgia Couriers in January as part of its overall transformation, which included installing fluorescent light bulbs, using recycled products and making many other changes.

Some smaller firms are also showing their support for greener companies. Since Green Express rolled out its hybrid vehicles, the company has added 38 new clients who turned to the courier because of its green approach to doing business. Among them is architecture firm Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh & Associates.

"We liked the fact that they have an understanding of how their business impacts the environment and they have that as an ideological underpinning for their business model," said Christopher Leerssen, an associate architect with the Midtown-based Leerssen says he sees more companies gradually going green.

"People are naturally reluctant to change until they see other businesses proving that green [initiatives] are financially feasible and beneficial," Leerssen said.

Graff says companies should start by looking at their carbon footprint, which is a measure of the impact they have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced. At the same time, they should also look at how much money they can save by reducing their carbon footprint.

"You have to have a business case," Graff said.
Green Express executives say that's exactly what they have discovered.
The cars will pay for themselves in about five months and will continue to save the company significantly on fuel costs, Holgate said.

"We are absolutely better off in the long run financially," Holgate said.
"We use a ton of fuel, but as prices go up you can't just keep passing the price increase on to customers," he said. "It's a huge expense for us."

Reach Moriarty at

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Atlanta Courier Company Offering Hybrid Car Alternative

Finally, a Green Option for a Much Needed Service. Atlanta customers seem to be enjoying having a green option when it comes to courier services. Green Express is the only courier service in Atlanta that delivers packages in hybrid cars. Green Ex announced their conversion to hybrid cars in May and new, supportive customers have been placing orders ever since.

Improving the Quality of Life for All Atlantans. When we started Green Express Couriers, our sole objective was to improve the quality of life in Atlanta through our services. The biggest improvement opportunity as a company was to change from traditional cars to hybrid vehicles. Our traditional cars were getting about 22 mpg and our hybrids are getting 50 mpg. So we started buying Toyota Prius hybrid cars. Today, we're using less fuel which decreases our country's demand for oil.

Our prices Haven't Increased. If your company is trying to decide if you should change courier companies just think about this way. All things being equal, we hope that you will choose the green choice. For every company going green, we are able to put more green cars on the road and eliminate another gas guzzler.

Hybrids are Better for the Environment. Our hybrid cars are driving the streets of Atlanta delivering packages, helping businesses meet deadlines with same day delivery and overnight services. We love the fact that the hybrid system uses very little fuel in speeds under 30 mph. In bumper to bumper traffic, the hybrids basically turn off, emitting zero emissions into the air. It's better for the environment and it's just the right thing to do.

Join Green Today. Now is a great time to partner with
Green Express. Join the company making changes for the better in Atlanta. Join the company that is leading the charge for cleaner air, hybrid vehicles and a movement away from dependence on oil. Our customer service number is
770-394-3131 or partner today at Green Delivers!

Go Green!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Green Express: Publicity, the Media, and a New Environmental Perspective

Wow. What an amazing three weeks. Green Express sent out one press release and our entire world changed. The Power of the Web. The number of visits to our website increased 10 fold. Green Express was published in Forbes, MSNBC, Auto Channel, Automotive News, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and locally by Appen Newspapers, Inc. and at least another 30 internet aggregators. We were also picked up by CBS46 news, and WSB-TV did a feature story and named me the Green Champion of the week. It has been a busy couple of weeks.

For me, sending out our release was a huge relief. Our goal was to be America’s First Courier Company to Switch to Hybrids. We came up with the idea of a hybrid car courier company two years ago, and have been working it and hoping another courier company didn’t beat us to the punch ever since. We have re-organized, converted our customers and changed the way we do our day to day business, under the radar. And now, with the exposure, we are above the radar and promoting our hybrid car delivery service to corporate Atlanta with success.

In essence, we built a green company by scrapping everything we knew, and starting over. We made the conversion and investment to be a green company and our customer’s rates stayed the same. Operationally, Brent Hilburn and Carter Hooks made sure that every change we put into effect, did not increase the cost for the customer or sacrifice our on-time delivery percentage of 98%. They would not let our customer’s service be compromised or our customer’s prices increase because our company had a new commitment to the environment. Through hard work, they made it a win-win for everybody.

Green Express also couldn’t have done this without the brilliance of my marketing team of Lisa Frank and Diane Bates. They put together a great story of Green Express, released it when gas prices were at an all time high, and pitched our story to interested editors. We are grateful for their passion to see a better Atlanta, a corporate community committed to being environmentally responsible and their expertise in crafting a strong message. We couldn’t have done it without them.

With all that being said, our journey is not over. It has just begun. Green Express will move responsible Atlanta companies into our customer list, one client at a time. We will impact Atlanta, its leaders and hopefully its families. I hope you will join us and bring your network with you.

Go Green!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Looking for Courier Jobs in Atlanta---GO GREEN!

Have you ever considered being a courier driver? Are you looking for independence in your job? What about normal working hours? Is interaction with professionals important? What if you received a consistent paycheck, weekly?

Green Express is Atlanta's most celebrated courier company with recent articles in Forbes, Atlanta Business Chronicle and television appearances on WSB-TV and CBS46. With all the positive publicity has come a lot of new customers.

Green Express is hiring courier drivers for our Atlanta service area. We want drivers that know Atlanta roads, delivering packages with a smile.

Independence. How Sweet it is. Our courier drivers are hired as independent contractors so there is no driving into the office in the morning, or driving to the office to pick up a paycheck. Our couriers start working from their home and usually never see the Green Express office the whole day. Our couriers receive their jobs on a phone and communicate to the office on a 2 way radio. If a driver gets lost, we guide them to their destination through our GPS mapping system.

The Mailman Does Not Deliver on Sunday. We work normal business hours. Our deliveries are done basically Monday thru Friday during the business hours of 8:30-5:00. We are not looking for part time drivers or drivers that want to work primarily outside these hours.

Interaction with Professionals. We want only professional people working with our company. Our drivers are primarily picking up and delivering packages to professional businesses and government offices. Because our courier drivers are going in and out of professional businesses every day, our customers expect to be dealt with in a professional manner. For security reasons, all drivers are required to wear an identification badge (provided by Green Express) while making deliveries.

Must Have a Reliable Vehicle. Our couriers are driving approximately 100-200 miles per day. Some of our couriers are in hybrid cars but starting out you can have a traditional car. Drivers are responsible for providing their own car, gas, insurance and maintenance.

Safe Drivers Only. Do not apply if you have violations on your driving record. You must provide a clean Motor Vehicle Report to be considered.

Our Drivers are Paid Weekly. Our couriers are paid a commission on the total dollar volume of runs they complete. Each driver receives a weekly statement that includes the runs and amount paid. Our drivers average between $550-$1000 per week. Green Express does not deduct taxes from weekly checks because our drivers are independent contractors and responsible for filing their taxes.

Do what you love. If you love driving, have a strong work ethic, love Atlanta and want to join the fastest growing courier company in Atlanta fax your resume and current Motor Vehicle Report to 678-646-0222 or email resume to You can also apply online at Green Express

Please do not call office.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hybrid Car Courier Company has Courier Jobs in Atlanta

Green Express is America's first courier company to switch to a hybrid car fleet. Our concept is simple. Green Express is Atlanta's earth friendly courier company. We are adding new customers every day and we'll be hiring employee drivers for our hybrid electric car fleet.

Safe Drivers Only. Do not apply if you have any violations on your driving record. To be considered, drivers must have lived in Atlanta at least three years and provide clean MVR. We also require job references.

Training period. After a training period, Green Express will put employee drivers in a Toyota Prius hybrid electric car and driver will work on 40% commission on deliveries. Drivers paid weekly.

Do what you love. If you have a strong work ethic, love Atlanta and want to join the fastest growing courier company in Atlanta fax your resume and current MVR to 678-646-0222 or email resume to

You can also apply online at Green Express

Please do not call office.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As Gas Prices Soar, Green Express is America’s first Courier to switch to Hybrid Electric Cars


ATLANTA, GA - The problem is dependency on fossil fuel. An Atlanta courier is working on a creative solution. “When gas hit $3 a gallon last year, we knew it was time to start buying hybrid electric cars,” says Jay Holgate, owner of Green Express – the first courier in the country to move its fleet to hybrids. He sensed that Atlanta companies would share his commitment to reducing their own use of imported oil and a desire for cleaner air. The response has been tremendous.

Affordable gas is the lifeblood of any courier company. With gas prices at an all-time high, the hybrids are delivering significant savings. Green Express has carefully tracked the numbers. They estimate the hybrid cars used 46% less gas than traditional cars since the first of the year. Green Express drivers travel at least 2,500 miles every day delivering packages throughout metro Atlanta in 16 counties. Green Express hybrids average 47 miles per gallon, while their traditional cars get just 25 miles per gallon.

Plus, the hybrids are zero-emission vehicles while idling or going below 30 miles an hour. At higher speeds, they put out one ton of greenhouse gases to every 3.4 tons spewing from traditional cars.

Holgate and his team all have young children which was another motivator to go green. He notes that “with Atlanta’s frequent smog alerts, we have more cases of childhood asthma than any city in the country. Reducing air pollution matters. It matters to our kids. And it matters to our customers.”

So far, 35 new customers have come on board. As the idea continues to take off, financial partners are prepared to roll out the green concept nationally. Operating as Georgia Couriers for seven years using traditional cars, the company was renamed Green Express in January this year. “Green Express is timely and easy to do business with. As a bonus, I’m also sending a message that we are mindful of using resources wisely,” offers new customer Gordon Kenna, Executive Director of the Georgia Concrete and Products Association.

Environmental groups like the Georgia Conservancy and Atlanta Botanical Garden have switched to Green Express. So have environmental attorneys Morris, Manning and Martin, and three divisions of Interface, Inc. – a global carpet manufacturer known for its leadership role in reducing the company’s carbon footprint worldwide. Interface’s legal secretary Karen Daniel uses Green Express almost every day. “The fact they drive hybrid cars – as well as being extremely reliable – is an added attraction for anyone who cares about controlling air pollution,” Daniel says.

Once Green Express took the leap of going green, it became a crusade – a kind of challenging game – to filter every process through an environmental microscope. By employing the most advanced GPS mapping technologies to boost efficiencies even further, drivers are often rerouted to alternate roads to avoid the worst congestion – another way to save fuel. One wrong turn can waste a gallon of gas every day times 10 cars; that’s at least 2,200 gallons a year. “We also advise our customers on the best times for pick-ups and deliveries to use gas more efficiently,” Holgate adds. And the company has moved to paperless e-billing and designed an easy online system for placing orders.

Holgate encourages his customers to rethink how often they use their own cars for trips Green Express can easily handle. “We are already on the road using the most efficient routes driving zero-emission cars,” Holgate remarks. “It makes sense to let us run personal errands as well as business deliveries to save gas and people’s precious time.” Learn more at

# # #

For photos and to schedule an interview, please contact Lisa Frank at 404/ 255-8567 or

Monday, May 14, 2007

Gas Boycott? Think BIGGER

Alpharetta, GA- On May 15, Americans across the country are being asked to not buy gas for a day. By pooling their collective buying power, they hope to send a message to oil companies and politicians that prices are too high. Effective? Probably not. If it builds awareness that America must move away from a fuel-based economy, that’s a great start.

At Green Express courier, we’re in it for the long term. That’s why we switched to hybrid electric cars, bringing our gas consumption way down – every single day. We invite you to be the beneficiary. Reduce your own gas consumption week after week by having Green Express do the driving for you – from delivering business documents to running personal errands.

A Green hybrid is already in your area, using the most efficient routes, driving zero-emission cars. Instead of a one-day gas boycott, think twice about how far and how often you use your car for trips that can easily be handled by Green Express.

Give us a call today. We’re happy to explain our reasonable rates for two-hour and four-hour deliveries. Rates are even lower when you ask for next day, two-day or three-day delivery. Join us in being part of a bigger solution.

We appreciate your support. Go GREEN!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

In Atlanta: Don't Pump Gas, Don't Drive, Call A Hybrid Car Courier

Alpharetta, GA- We are getting a lot of emails telling us that May 15 is a day for a gas boycott.

Our recommendation is to reduce consumption by calling a hybrid car courier. Don't go to the gas station, don't even drive a car for one day. Instead call a hybrid car courier, who is in a car that gets 50+ miles per gallon and uses minimal gas for speeds under 30 miles per hour.

Using a courier just makes sense. The beauty about using couriers for delivering items is we can deliver anything, any size in a couple of hours, same day, next day or in five business days. There is a lot of convenience in not driving in traffic but instead calling a courier to make that pick up for you.

Green Express realized two years ago that dependence on foreign oil was a mistake. Our company took the big step of converting and investing in hybrid electric cars. Our customers are responding favorable and our new customers joining us make up 10% of our total base in the last three months.

We don't know what the impact of staying away from a gas station for one day will do. However, we agree with the core message of the campaign which is that America has to move away from a fuel based economy. Our entire economy could be paralyzed by $5 gallon oil.

If you choose not to go to the gas station on May 15th, that is your right and we respect your right to free speech. As for us, we're in the neighborhood delivering packages. If you need something done, call a hybrid car courier company.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sales Jobs in Atlanta for Environment Friendly Company

Green Express is expanding and we are looking for additional people to add to our expert team of logistic professionals! Just take a look...

Hot Jobs

AJC Jobs

Apply Direct

Are YOU the ONE?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Atlanta Courier Company Offers Expanded Delivery Zone

Green Express is now offering an expanded delivery zone so that more customers can benefit from our hybrid car delivery system. Our hybrid electric cars promote sustainability business practices while helping reduce the corporate carbon footprint and minimizing the corporate impact on the environment.

Beginning May 1, Green Express will also expand our metro atlanta delivery zone to include Acworth, Alpharetta, Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Buford, Canton, Cartersville, Chamblee, Cherokee County, Cobb County, Conyers, Cumming, Dallas, Dacula, Decatur, Dekalb county, Doraville, Douglasville, Downtown hotels, motels, conventions, arts and entertainment venues, Dunwoody, Duluth, Buckhead, College Park, East Point, East Cobb, Forsyth County and Fulton County.

Green Express will also include Gwinnett County, Gainesville, Hall County, Jonesboro, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Marietta, McDonough, Midtown, Newnan, Norcross, Peachtree City, Roswell, Snellville, Stockbridge, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Stone Mountain, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Tucker, Vinings, West Cobb, Windy Ridge, Winder and Woodstock.

We look forward to serving an expanded Metro Atlanta area. Every chance you get, Go Green!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Green Express Offers Hybrid Car Alternative for Next Day/Overnight Deliveries

As a service to our green friendly customer base, Green Express is now offering many options for customers sending packages from one point in metro atlanta to another location in metro atlanta. There is no need to use a global delivery company for local deliveries. We believe with our GPS tracking technology, customer service and professionalism, we are a value add to global overnight delivery companies.

Green Express offers "real time GPS tracking" so that we know exactly where the package is located. If there is a problem, the customer can call our office and we can be in immediate contact with the driver and give new instructions, change of address, whatever is needed to complete the mission. With the larger overnight delivery companies, once it is mailed, gone to multiple delivery locations and different handlers, the best you can hope for is delivery confirmation.

When a Green Express package is dropped, you will receive delivery confirmation with signature usually within two minutes. If the internet is not accessible for you, we can call a cell phone or office number for important deliveries. With the global overnight companies, you can go on-line and track the package but the response time is usually delayed several hours and it is nearly impossible to get a driver quickly. Green Express believes we have a responsibility to complete the mission and communicate to you so you can do other things and not worry about a package making it to its destination.

Green Express is now offering the "Hybrid Alternative to Next Day Deliveries"(all prices include email confirmation and GPS tracking for the sixteen metro Atlanta counties)

"The Green Overnight" is 24 hour delivery in metro Atlanta, our price is $15.

"Green 2 Day" is 48 hour delivery in metro Atlanta, our price is $10.

"Green 3 Day" is 72 hour delivery in metro Atlanta, our price is $7.

"Green Ground" is 1-5 business days delivery in metro atlanta and our price is $5.(0-25 lbs is included. Additional rates for more weight.)

"Green Home Delivery" is available for home office and residences in the metro Atlanta area. We can pick up and deliver and leave packages in special designated areas if needed.

"After Hour Delivery" is available for special deliveries after 5 pm monday thru Friday. We can deliver packages late into the night if needed. We can also deliver on Saturday and Sunday. Special rates apply, call the office and set up your unique delivery request.

Green Express wants to give you an earth friendly alternative to global overnight delivery companies.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Atlanta Courier Company Goes Green!

It’s time. We are starting to bring on new customers every week, just because they like our concept. Hybrid cars are good for the environment. Hybrids use less fuel and put 80% less toxins in the air. How can any person not like this message? We now have a position available immediately for an Experienced Salesperson.

Green Express is Atlanta's earth-friendly delivery company and the country's first courier to switch to Toyota hybrid electric cars. We are committed to reducing air pollution and improving fuel efficiency in all aspects of our operation. We are seeking an experienced salesperson to introduce our services to large companies in metro Atlanta.

Our company has been in business for eight years as Georgia Couriers and will soon announce its new focus to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and join efforts with its clients to reduce their own impact on Atlanta's air quality.

The core business for Green Express is delivering packages within a 50-mile radius of downtown Atlanta with same-day service to 16 metro counties.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, seasoned salesperson. For the right candidate, we will train about environmental issues and alternative transportation and air quality. The fulltime salesperson will call on decision makers in public relations and operations departments of Atlanta corporations targeting companies who share our concern for improving Atlanta’s air quality.

Key job functions include setting appointments, making presentations and closing sales to rapidly build our customer base. Use of a new Toyota hybrid will be provided for a period of time.

As Green Express grows its reputation for environmental stewardship, additional mobile services will be offered such as shredding, picking up old computers for recycling, performing eco audits, stocking environmental friendly supplies and other services that can be performed by delivery professionals in hybrid electric vehicles.

Salary based on experience plus commission.

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Managing Partner Jay Holgate at -or- Click -Here- to apply now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Green Hybrid Car Couriers in Atlanta....This is truly an awesome country...

What an awesome country we live in. Free Speech allows Al Gore to preach global warming and travel the country with a movie showing how planet Earth is changing. At the same time, Rush Limbaugh hits the radio waves every day discounting every environmental claim. Both men can back up their cases with scientists and facts.

The global warming issue is upon us. Whether or not you believe in global warming, it appears that the earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms are of biblical proportions. The temperature fluctuations from mild weather at Christmas, to cold weather at Easter just seem out of place.

For the first time in 30 years, I spent time at the Masters Golf tournament in long pants with a jacket on, to battle 40 degree weather and 20 mile an hour winds. It seemed different. People were actually wearing heavy coats. I can’t remember experiencing that on Easter weekend.

Back at home in Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue has supported teleworking as part of his campaign platform and now is working to get state employees to reduce energy consumption. We are encouraged by Governor Perdue’s openness to trying new technologies. We believe using couriers would be a huge energy reducer for the state of Georgia. Especially, now that Green Express has introduced hybrid cars to the Atlanta area. Hybrid cars use very little fuel and put 80% less toxins in the air. Hybrid couriers eliminate high cost of state vehicles, insurance, maintenance as well as time wasted by personnel delivering information or services that could have been performed by a “delivery professional.” Our delivery professionals can do multiple functions.

In Atlanta, Mayor Shirley Franklin has been very supportive of Green Initiatives. Anybody who works in Atlanta knows that we need to reduce the number of cars and trucks on the road. The high # of smog alerts is not good for anybody. Smog alerts are not good for business or the quality of life of our children. We are hoping to partner with the City of Atlanta for package delivery and other services that can be done effectively, reducing energy costs.

Green Express is going to be a good steward of the environment; that is our role. Partnerships with state and local governments and corporate businesses are key to our success. We will do every thing we can, to be a great corporate citizen while protecting the environment.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Green Express Answers... “Atlanta Courier Questions”

In my many conversations with people about the courier business, I find that most people do not understand what couriers do. For some reason, they can understand what UPS and FedEx do because it seems similar to the US postal service. Package is sent, sorted and delivered within a few days. FedEx does it next day. Ok, got it.

Couriers deliver packages same day. Couriers deliver packages everyday, within a couple of hours, of the order. If you call up right now and want a package to go from Alpharetta to downtown Atlanta, in one hour, we can probably do it. From Gwinnett to Marietta in two hours? No problem, we do it every day. Tucker to Cartersville by 5 pm? No problem.

New customers can’t believe how awesome our courier service is. Not only can we deliver from any point in Atlanta to any other point, we track the entire delivery with real time GPS. Our office sees the delivery from a 3-D Aerial Map, its pretty cool. When the package is delivered, the customer gets a delivery confirmation immediately on e-mail with the name of package recipient. It is awesome solving problems every day. That is what we do.

Next question, how far will a courier drive? We get this question quite often. And the answer is always, “We will drive any where.” Where do you want us to go and how soon does it need to be there? We have drivers going to Florida regularly for a Saturday special delivery. Green Express also delivers all over the state of Georgia from Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County to Stockbridge to Canton.

Green Express has a route driver in a green Toyota Prius hybrid car who goes from Marietta to Alpharetta, Cumming, Gainesville, Jefferson, Winder, Loganville, Conyers and then back to Dunwoody. While this driver is picking up and dropping packages, he is getting dispatched to pick up additional packages in the cities that fall along his route. The driver loves it because he sees his customers regularly and gets some on call work to keep it exciting.

Another one of our hybrid route drivers starts from Smyrna and goes to Buckhead for multiple stops, then Dunwoody, Roswell road, Cobb, Cherokee county, Cherokee Courthouse, Woodstock, West Cobb, Cobb County Court house, East cobb, Lake Park, and Windy Ridge. It’s a full day for a driver and believe it or not, he gets additional runs to complete while all this is coming his way. He loves it. He is great at navigating out of Atlanta traffic jams.

Next question. What areas do you concentrate on? We love all new business. Since our office is in Alpharetta, our marketing efforts have focused on the golden triangle of Dunwoody, Gwinnett, and Alpharetta because of all the new growth. However, all roads lead to downtown Atlanta. Along the way, Buckhead and Midtown are frequent stops for our drivers.

Another favorite question is do your courier drivers come by the Alpharetta office daily? The short answer is that our drivers are independent contractors like FedEx and they start from their home for the closest pick up. Our drivers rarely come by the Alpharetta office, only for a friendly hello. We send driver checks and all vendor checks through the US mail. It works great.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Atlanta Courier Service Goes with Gas Prices Keep Moving Upward...

With prices rising so dramatically, it just makes sense for a courier driver to pick up your next delivery. When you figure in the cost of $2.50 gas plus traffic time plus increased insurance exposure and depreciation on your car, it seems logical to call a courier. When you figure that your car will put 80% more pollutants in the air than a hybrid, it all just points to Green Express. Life just seems better when you turn over your burden to the guys driving the hybrid electric cars.

In the last month, gas prices have surged roughly 36 cents a gallon in the Atlanta area. As spring break approaches, analysts say prices will continue to increase. There is always some unavoidable reason for the gauging of American consumers. Potential bad weather, a brewing war with a Middle East country and of course, supply and demand. Basically, the oil companies can raise prices because we don't really have a choice or other options. The US economy is dependent on oil. We drive vehicles and most vehicles run on gasoline. At this point, we have no leverage.

This morning, I put $2.49 gas in my Prius. I spent a total of $28 which made me feel kind of sick. Granted, its a whole lot cheaper than what owners of SUV's must be experiencing. What made me feel worse was that I read that Atlanta has cheaper gas prices than most places in the United States. And every prognosticator believes prices will keep rising over the next couple of months because we are moving into the "travel months".

On a positive note, I am getting 50.1 miles per gallon in my Prius. The bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 400 every night is really increasing my fuel efficiency. The DOT opened up more lanes all the way to Windward Parkway which makes the drive, a whole lot better. Unfortunately, after Windward the cars all come to a grinding halt. Oh, yes a marketing opportunity because we have our logo on our cars. Yes, I do get people giving the friendly wave which means they like our "Atlanta's Earth Friendly Delivery Company" concept. Hopefully, they will all be future customers.

Until then, we will keep delivering same day, route and over night packages in metro Atlanta. We love business to business courier work but we also offer home delivery and after hours package delivery. Its time to make
Green Express part of your daily operation.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hybrid Cars are the Best Choice for Atlanta Couriers....The Numbers Are Working in our Favor….

CO2, GHG’s, NO2 and NMOG… What do they all mean?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a numbers guy. I understand the Atlanta Smog Forecast numbering system and we are approaching the smog season here in Atlanta. Just look at today… March 22, 2007 and the number is already up to 75. Last year, we had our first smog alert day in 2006 on March 9th. The smog alerts are days when the air quality in Atlanta exceeds the federal and state guidelines. Unfortunately, Atlanta’s air quality exceeds federal guidelines a lot and it is a health concern for everybody.

Everything we do at Green Express effects the environment. We are focused on the quality of air we breathe here in Atlanta. It’s a “breath of fresh air” (no pun intended!) knowing the vehicles we put on the road are the number 1 rated vehicle in the US for fuel efficiency. And why is fuel economy so important? Because every mile we drive, we are burning less fuel, which puts less and less pollutants into Atlanta’s air.

Click here to see a Side-by-Side Comparison of our vehicles versus the typical courier vehicle used in Atlanta to deliver packages...

These numbers are based on estimates… Take a look at our actual numbers so far this month. The numbers are working in our favor. We are using less fuel. We are putting less pollutants into the air. Our cars are better for Atlanta and the quality of air we breath. I hope you will join us.

Miles Driven            4885

Fuel Amount $       256.45

Gallons                   106.65

Avg Price                2.404

MPG                        45.80

Check back at the end of the month and I’ll have final numbers for March!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Atlanta Has a Hybrid Choice with Couriers...Green Express Couriers is Great for Atlanta.....

Last week, we took the Green Journey another step forward. We believe we are being good stewards of the environment.
Every hybrid we put on the road creates more awareness and exposure for better air quality in Atlanta and less dependence on oil.

We added two more hybrid cars to our Georgia fleet. Since it was the end of the month, our Toyota dealer needed to hit their monthly sales quota so they called up and offered two cars below sticker price. The timing was perfect for us because we are opening up some new accounts with companies who like the earth friendly concept.

Our experience is the hybrid cars tend to re-train individuals on how to drive a car for better fuel consumption. The Prius has a “tech information system” that shows how many miles to the gallon you are getting for every five minutes of driving. It really makes you think about fuel consumption; it's like a game, to do better.

Our drivers are already learning how to maximize fuel efficiency by “letting off the gas”, “coasting to red lights” etc. Our best driver reading is 51 mpg. For some reason, I tend to have a heavy foot and I’m staying consistent at 43 mpg. Much of my driving is on the highway and very little is in town so it gives me a good growth opportunity.

With all the activity, our main objective right now is getting an enthusiastic, seasoned salesperson with a personal commitment and background in environmental issues to introduce our services to large companies in metro Atlanta.

My ideal fulltime salesperson will call on decision makers in public relations and operations departments of Atlanta corporations – targeting companies who share our concern for improving Atlanta’s air quality.

We will continue to focus as a company on reducing fuel consumption, emissions and join efforts with clients to reduce their impact on Atlanta’s air quality. We believe the steps we are taking will be a win-win for everybody.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And the journey begins...

Alpharetta, Georgia - We finally made the plunge and turned into a green company. We changed the company name to Green Express, to reflect our new company direction and we've purchased green Toyota Prius electric hybrids for our Atlanta deliveries.

This is my story of our courier company's journey of going green. Going green for us is about having a better quality of life and creating a safer world for our children. I believe in environmentally friendly business practices because everybody wins. It is important to me, to be a good steward of the resources that I have influence with.

From the start, Green Express will be driving cars that get 60 mpg and emit 80% less pollutants into the environment. Our delivery vehicles are better for the environment and reduce our dependence on oil, two goals that are important to me.

It all started for me in 2005, following Hurricane Katrina. I had an out of town appointment set for the next day and gas prices surged overnight. When I went to buy gas, which had reached over $3.50 a gallon, I found myself with a mob of other drivers waiting to fill up our vehicles at the only station in our area with gas. I realized then, something needed to be done to conserve gasoline, and I began to think of how I could help make a difference.

I hope you will follow our journey. We will make a difference in Atlanta and maybe the whole world will follow. Like every Holgate project, it will be fun and a great learning opportunity.