Friday, March 19, 2010

Green Express Couriers Delivering for The UPS Stores, FedEx Locations in Atlanta, GA

ATLANTA, Ga- Atlanta's Only Eco-friendly courier has a larger pick up zone in Metro Atlanta.

Green Express couriers has expanded their pick up zone to include UPS stores, FedEx locations in Atlanta, Georgia. Customers can now take their packages to the closest UPS store or FedEx location for package deliveries in Metro Atlanta.

Green Express can also drop off packages at The UPS Store or FedEx locations if arrangements are made by the customer with the store.

Since many home businesses do not have regular hours, it is easier to drop off packages for Green Express at the closest shipping center and arrange the pick up through Green Express.

There are hundreds of UPS Stores in Atlanta and they are a logical pick location for Green Express.

Having an Atlanta green courier deliver packages is an efficient way to do business and its better for the environment. Green Express was named Innovative Company of the Year by the Clean Air Campaign of Georgia. Green Ex uses hybrid cars which use less fuel, emit less toxins.

Green Express is Atlanta's Only Eco-friendly Courier. For a quick package delivery, call 770-394-3131.
To set up an account with GREEN Express, click on link.

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