Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Atlanta Ranked #9--GREEN Couriers Serving Energy Efficient Buildings

Atlanta was recently ranked #9 by the EPA for cities with energy efficient buildings.

Green Express couriers celebrates Atlanta's progress in building efficiency. Green Express has made our eco-friendly courier services available to the most energy efficient commercial buildings in Atlanta. Green Express uses less fuel, emits less toxins than other courier delivery companies in Atlanta.

This ranking shows the tremendous progress that Atlanta and cities across the country have made to make America’s buildings more energy efficient. By retrofitting homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities, American cities are significantly reducing global warming pollution, putting people to work in clean energy jobs, and saving families and businesses money on energy costs.

America’s buildings use forty percent of our energy, representing ten percent of the world’s energy consumption. The good news is we currently have the technology, the know-how and a workforce that is ready to retrofit our homes and commercial buildings to make them more efficient, while dramatically reducing pollution.

However, home and business owners need incentives and financing mechanisms that will make it feasible to invest in making their buildings more energy efficient and to reap the tremendous benefits for our economy and our environment. Every billion dollars of public spending on energy efficiency can leverage $2-3 billion in private investment and create 25,000 jobs in 2010.

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