Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Atlanta Courier Service Goes with Gas Prices Keep Moving Upward...

With prices rising so dramatically, it just makes sense for a courier driver to pick up your next delivery. When you figure in the cost of $2.50 gas plus traffic time plus increased insurance exposure and depreciation on your car, it seems logical to call a courier. When you figure that your car will put 80% more pollutants in the air than a hybrid, it all just points to Green Express. Life just seems better when you turn over your burden to the guys driving the hybrid electric cars.

In the last month, gas prices have surged roughly 36 cents a gallon in the Atlanta area. As spring break approaches, analysts say prices will continue to increase. There is always some unavoidable reason for the gauging of American consumers. Potential bad weather, a brewing war with a Middle East country and of course, supply and demand. Basically, the oil companies can raise prices because we don't really have a choice or other options. The US economy is dependent on oil. We drive vehicles and most vehicles run on gasoline. At this point, we have no leverage.

This morning, I put $2.49 gas in my Prius. I spent a total of $28 which made me feel kind of sick. Granted, its a whole lot cheaper than what owners of SUV's must be experiencing. What made me feel worse was that I read that Atlanta has cheaper gas prices than most places in the United States. And every prognosticator believes prices will keep rising over the next couple of months because we are moving into the "travel months".

On a positive note, I am getting 50.1 miles per gallon in my Prius. The bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 400 every night is really increasing my fuel efficiency. The DOT opened up more lanes all the way to Windward Parkway which makes the drive, a whole lot better. Unfortunately, after Windward the cars all come to a grinding halt. Oh, yes a marketing opportunity because we have our logo on our cars. Yes, I do get people giving the friendly wave which means they like our "Atlanta's Earth Friendly Delivery Company" concept. Hopefully, they will all be future customers.

Until then, we will keep delivering same day, route and over night packages in metro Atlanta. We love business to business courier work but we also offer home delivery and after hours package delivery. Its time to make
Green Express part of your daily operation.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hybrid Cars are the Best Choice for Atlanta Couriers....The Numbers Are Working in our Favor….

CO2, GHG’s, NO2 and NMOG… What do they all mean?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a numbers guy. I understand the Atlanta Smog Forecast numbering system and we are approaching the smog season here in Atlanta. Just look at today… March 22, 2007 and the number is already up to 75. Last year, we had our first smog alert day in 2006 on March 9th. The smog alerts are days when the air quality in Atlanta exceeds the federal and state guidelines. Unfortunately, Atlanta’s air quality exceeds federal guidelines a lot and it is a health concern for everybody.

Everything we do at Green Express effects the environment. We are focused on the quality of air we breathe here in Atlanta. It’s a “breath of fresh air” (no pun intended!) knowing the vehicles we put on the road are the number 1 rated vehicle in the US for fuel efficiency. And why is fuel economy so important? Because every mile we drive, we are burning less fuel, which puts less and less pollutants into Atlanta’s air.

Click here to see a Side-by-Side Comparison of our vehicles versus the typical courier vehicle used in Atlanta to deliver packages...

These numbers are based on estimates… Take a look at our actual numbers so far this month. The numbers are working in our favor. We are using less fuel. We are putting less pollutants into the air. Our cars are better for Atlanta and the quality of air we breath. I hope you will join us.

Miles Driven            4885

Fuel Amount $       256.45

Gallons                   106.65

Avg Price                2.404

MPG                        45.80

Check back at the end of the month and I’ll have final numbers for March!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Atlanta Has a Hybrid Choice with Couriers...Green Express Couriers is Great for Atlanta.....

Last week, we took the Green Journey another step forward. We believe we are being good stewards of the environment.
Every hybrid we put on the road creates more awareness and exposure for better air quality in Atlanta and less dependence on oil.

We added two more hybrid cars to our Georgia fleet. Since it was the end of the month, our Toyota dealer needed to hit their monthly sales quota so they called up and offered two cars below sticker price. The timing was perfect for us because we are opening up some new accounts with companies who like the earth friendly concept.

Our experience is the hybrid cars tend to re-train individuals on how to drive a car for better fuel consumption. The Prius has a “tech information system” that shows how many miles to the gallon you are getting for every five minutes of driving. It really makes you think about fuel consumption; it's like a game, to do better.

Our drivers are already learning how to maximize fuel efficiency by “letting off the gas”, “coasting to red lights” etc. Our best driver reading is 51 mpg. For some reason, I tend to have a heavy foot and I’m staying consistent at 43 mpg. Much of my driving is on the highway and very little is in town so it gives me a good growth opportunity.

With all the activity, our main objective right now is getting an enthusiastic, seasoned salesperson with a personal commitment and background in environmental issues to introduce our services to large companies in metro Atlanta.

My ideal fulltime salesperson will call on decision makers in public relations and operations departments of Atlanta corporations – targeting companies who share our concern for improving Atlanta’s air quality.

We will continue to focus as a company on reducing fuel consumption, emissions and join efforts with clients to reduce their impact on Atlanta’s air quality. We believe the steps we are taking will be a win-win for everybody.