Thursday, April 26, 2007

Green Express Offers Hybrid Car Alternative for Next Day/Overnight Deliveries

As a service to our green friendly customer base, Green Express is now offering many options for customers sending packages from one point in metro atlanta to another location in metro atlanta. There is no need to use a global delivery company for local deliveries. We believe with our GPS tracking technology, customer service and professionalism, we are a value add to global overnight delivery companies.

Green Express offers "real time GPS tracking" so that we know exactly where the package is located. If there is a problem, the customer can call our office and we can be in immediate contact with the driver and give new instructions, change of address, whatever is needed to complete the mission. With the larger overnight delivery companies, once it is mailed, gone to multiple delivery locations and different handlers, the best you can hope for is delivery confirmation.

When a Green Express package is dropped, you will receive delivery confirmation with signature usually within two minutes. If the internet is not accessible for you, we can call a cell phone or office number for important deliveries. With the global overnight companies, you can go on-line and track the package but the response time is usually delayed several hours and it is nearly impossible to get a driver quickly. Green Express believes we have a responsibility to complete the mission and communicate to you so you can do other things and not worry about a package making it to its destination.

Green Express is now offering the "Hybrid Alternative to Next Day Deliveries"(all prices include email confirmation and GPS tracking for the sixteen metro Atlanta counties)

"The Green Overnight" is 24 hour delivery in metro Atlanta, our price is $15.

"Green 2 Day" is 48 hour delivery in metro Atlanta, our price is $10.

"Green 3 Day" is 72 hour delivery in metro Atlanta, our price is $7.

"Green Ground" is 1-5 business days delivery in metro atlanta and our price is $5.(0-25 lbs is included. Additional rates for more weight.)

"Green Home Delivery" is available for home office and residences in the metro Atlanta area. We can pick up and deliver and leave packages in special designated areas if needed.

"After Hour Delivery" is available for special deliveries after 5 pm monday thru Friday. We can deliver packages late into the night if needed. We can also deliver on Saturday and Sunday. Special rates apply, call the office and set up your unique delivery request.

Green Express wants to give you an earth friendly alternative to global overnight delivery companies.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Atlanta Courier Company Goes Green!

It’s time. We are starting to bring on new customers every week, just because they like our concept. Hybrid cars are good for the environment. Hybrids use less fuel and put 80% less toxins in the air. How can any person not like this message? We now have a position available immediately for an Experienced Salesperson.

Green Express is Atlanta's earth-friendly delivery company and the country's first courier to switch to Toyota hybrid electric cars. We are committed to reducing air pollution and improving fuel efficiency in all aspects of our operation. We are seeking an experienced salesperson to introduce our services to large companies in metro Atlanta.

Our company has been in business for eight years as Georgia Couriers and will soon announce its new focus to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and join efforts with its clients to reduce their own impact on Atlanta's air quality.

The core business for Green Express is delivering packages within a 50-mile radius of downtown Atlanta with same-day service to 16 metro counties.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, seasoned salesperson. For the right candidate, we will train about environmental issues and alternative transportation and air quality. The fulltime salesperson will call on decision makers in public relations and operations departments of Atlanta corporations targeting companies who share our concern for improving Atlanta’s air quality.

Key job functions include setting appointments, making presentations and closing sales to rapidly build our customer base. Use of a new Toyota hybrid will be provided for a period of time.

As Green Express grows its reputation for environmental stewardship, additional mobile services will be offered such as shredding, picking up old computers for recycling, performing eco audits, stocking environmental friendly supplies and other services that can be performed by delivery professionals in hybrid electric vehicles.

Salary based on experience plus commission.

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Managing Partner Jay Holgate at -or- Click -Here- to apply now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Green Hybrid Car Couriers in Atlanta....This is truly an awesome country...

What an awesome country we live in. Free Speech allows Al Gore to preach global warming and travel the country with a movie showing how planet Earth is changing. At the same time, Rush Limbaugh hits the radio waves every day discounting every environmental claim. Both men can back up their cases with scientists and facts.

The global warming issue is upon us. Whether or not you believe in global warming, it appears that the earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms are of biblical proportions. The temperature fluctuations from mild weather at Christmas, to cold weather at Easter just seem out of place.

For the first time in 30 years, I spent time at the Masters Golf tournament in long pants with a jacket on, to battle 40 degree weather and 20 mile an hour winds. It seemed different. People were actually wearing heavy coats. I can’t remember experiencing that on Easter weekend.

Back at home in Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue has supported teleworking as part of his campaign platform and now is working to get state employees to reduce energy consumption. We are encouraged by Governor Perdue’s openness to trying new technologies. We believe using couriers would be a huge energy reducer for the state of Georgia. Especially, now that Green Express has introduced hybrid cars to the Atlanta area. Hybrid cars use very little fuel and put 80% less toxins in the air. Hybrid couriers eliminate high cost of state vehicles, insurance, maintenance as well as time wasted by personnel delivering information or services that could have been performed by a “delivery professional.” Our delivery professionals can do multiple functions.

In Atlanta, Mayor Shirley Franklin has been very supportive of Green Initiatives. Anybody who works in Atlanta knows that we need to reduce the number of cars and trucks on the road. The high # of smog alerts is not good for anybody. Smog alerts are not good for business or the quality of life of our children. We are hoping to partner with the City of Atlanta for package delivery and other services that can be done effectively, reducing energy costs.

Green Express is going to be a good steward of the environment; that is our role. Partnerships with state and local governments and corporate businesses are key to our success. We will do every thing we can, to be a great corporate citizen while protecting the environment.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Green Express Answers... “Atlanta Courier Questions”

In my many conversations with people about the courier business, I find that most people do not understand what couriers do. For some reason, they can understand what UPS and FedEx do because it seems similar to the US postal service. Package is sent, sorted and delivered within a few days. FedEx does it next day. Ok, got it.

Couriers deliver packages same day. Couriers deliver packages everyday, within a couple of hours, of the order. If you call up right now and want a package to go from Alpharetta to downtown Atlanta, in one hour, we can probably do it. From Gwinnett to Marietta in two hours? No problem, we do it every day. Tucker to Cartersville by 5 pm? No problem.

New customers can’t believe how awesome our courier service is. Not only can we deliver from any point in Atlanta to any other point, we track the entire delivery with real time GPS. Our office sees the delivery from a 3-D Aerial Map, its pretty cool. When the package is delivered, the customer gets a delivery confirmation immediately on e-mail with the name of package recipient. It is awesome solving problems every day. That is what we do.

Next question, how far will a courier drive? We get this question quite often. And the answer is always, “We will drive any where.” Where do you want us to go and how soon does it need to be there? We have drivers going to Florida regularly for a Saturday special delivery. Green Express also delivers all over the state of Georgia from Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County to Stockbridge to Canton.

Green Express has a route driver in a green Toyota Prius hybrid car who goes from Marietta to Alpharetta, Cumming, Gainesville, Jefferson, Winder, Loganville, Conyers and then back to Dunwoody. While this driver is picking up and dropping packages, he is getting dispatched to pick up additional packages in the cities that fall along his route. The driver loves it because he sees his customers regularly and gets some on call work to keep it exciting.

Another one of our hybrid route drivers starts from Smyrna and goes to Buckhead for multiple stops, then Dunwoody, Roswell road, Cobb, Cherokee county, Cherokee Courthouse, Woodstock, West Cobb, Cobb County Court house, East cobb, Lake Park, and Windy Ridge. It’s a full day for a driver and believe it or not, he gets additional runs to complete while all this is coming his way. He loves it. He is great at navigating out of Atlanta traffic jams.

Next question. What areas do you concentrate on? We love all new business. Since our office is in Alpharetta, our marketing efforts have focused on the golden triangle of Dunwoody, Gwinnett, and Alpharetta because of all the new growth. However, all roads lead to downtown Atlanta. Along the way, Buckhead and Midtown are frequent stops for our drivers.

Another favorite question is do your courier drivers come by the Alpharetta office daily? The short answer is that our drivers are independent contractors like FedEx and they start from their home for the closest pick up. Our drivers rarely come by the Alpharetta office, only for a friendly hello. We send driver checks and all vendor checks through the US mail. It works great.