Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green Express Announces Part-Time Job Opportunity for Atlanta Professionals....

Green Express Sales Program

We just need you to talk up Green Express, Atlanta's Only Hybrid Car Courier Company. If you know a lot of people in Atlanta and you refer them to Green Express, we will pay you for it.

In the Green Express model, our focus is to be different from all other courier companies and efficient in everything we do. We believe we can grow Green Express through a work force of independent salespeople with connections to Atlanta companies. Everybody loves our Green concept, our prices are competitive with other companies, we just need to get the word out in the most efficient way possible.

The Entire Training Program is Below:

The courier business is similar to the overnight delivery of UPS except we make most of our deliveries same day. Couriers deliver packages from one business to another usually in 2-3 hours. Most companies find it too expensive to put a staff person in an insured car to drive a document across town. So companies call couriers to deliver their documents.

We work for businesses, individuals whoever needs stuff picked up. Everybody will at some time find it more convenient to call a courier than to run a errand across town.

Green Express is Atlanta’s Only Hybrid Car Courier Company. Our hybrids get 50+ miles to the gallon and emit 80% less toxins in the air than traditional cars. Atlanta is the #1 city for asthma for kids in the country. We had 47 days of smog alerts in 2006 where Atlanta air quality had exceeded state and federal guidelines and it is unhealthy to be outdoors.

So far this year, our hybrids have reduced 30 tons of greenhouse gases into the Atlanta air. We have reduced demand for fuel and saved our drivers approximately $3000 in fuel expenses.

Our signature piece is our Toyota Prius. At speeds under 30 miles per hour, the car primarily runs on its electric battery which makes it ideal for in-town traffic. In bumper to bumper traffic, the car emits zero toxins.

GPS on Every Driver- No more lost packages. Green Ex knows exactly where our drivers are, how fast they are driving and which direction they are heading. We track it, all the way to delivery.

Email Confirmation of Delivery. No more wondering if the package was delivered. Our system sends an instant email confirming signature and time of delivery. Our On-time delivery rate is consistently 98% on time which is tops in the industry.

On-line Ordering- Our on-line system is very similar to UPS or FedEx system for ordering packages online.

Hours Monday – Friday 8 am -7 pm. We will deliver on weekends if pre-arranged.

For more detailed info http://www.greendelivers.com/ which has link to our blog.

Three Options for Signing Up New Customers:
1) Set them up (using our customer sheet) and fax to our office.
2) Have them call our office by giving them a card. You will have a generic business card which has complete information for contacting our office.
3) Get us a name and number of someone “interested” and we will close out the deal.
4) However, you do it, Carter Hooks will be their representative and will get them all the information they need. Carter will also be your in-office contact. 770-394-3131.

Commission Payment: We pay commissions at the end of every month. For a valid referral, Green Express pays 10% commission for one year. Fuel charges are not included in commission. We cannot pay commission on no-pay accounts. After 60 days, an account is considered no-pay. Checks are mailed and a 1099 is issued at end of year.

The Main Question you will be asking: Does your company use a courier company? Would you switch to a earth friendly courier if the price is the same?

If our referral program works for you, please go to below site and complete short application.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Green Express is Changing the Couriers Footprint on Atlanta......

Atlanta Courier Company Goes Green
Marc Pickard reports

Reported by: Marc Pickard WXIA TV

Jay Holgate didn't want to change the world. He just wanted to change the way his business did business. So he turned it green. And by doing what was right for him, he may just change the world.

The legacy of Hurricane Katrina is mostly broken lives. In that debris, one man saw something that fundamentally changed him.

"People were leaving their homes,” recalled Jay Holgate. "With just the shirt on their back, and they were welcomed in Atlanta by gas prices that were $3.50 a gallon -- and we just thought that that was criminal."

In the courier business since the mid-90s, Jay Holgate was rocked by the fallout from Hurricane Katrina. He began converting his courier fleet to hybrid cars.

"Somebody's gotta be a leader here,” said Holgate. "And we're gonna do it. We may not change anybody but our customers, but, we're gonna do the right thing.”

Half of the Green Express courier service fleet is green, with more on the way.

Before they added green cars to their fleet -- the hybrid vehicles -- the courier company was getting about 21miles to the gallon. Now they're getting between 46 and 51.

They've cut their fuel bill in half. They've cut their toxic emissions by 80 percent. They've reduced the amount of carbon pollution by 30 tons.

Since January they've gained more than 100 customers. By switching half his fleet to hybrid vehicles, Jay Holgate is saving $2,500 in fuel costs a year.

"The main part was the hybrid cars,” said Julie Hay of Midtown Bank. "Them being environmentally friendly, their service is excellent. It really is."

The Midtown Bank in Atlanta switched to Green Express as part of its decision to be more environmentally friendly.

"We don't sit in traffic,” said Brent Hilburn of Green Express. “We don't waste fuel and we don't waste time."

We don't need to look far to see the mark of man's hand on this planet. Jay Holgate is doing what he can to lighten the touch.

Video Available!

See full video.... http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=3CF7D08B11D83080

Friday, September 7, 2007

Earth Share of Georgia announces Partnership with Atlanta’s Only Earth Friendly Courier

ATLANTA, GA – Earth Share of Georgia joins forces with Green Express, the first courier in the country to switch to hybrid cars. For every new account that mentions Earth Share of Georgia, Green Express will donate one dollar to Earth Share on each delivery.

According to Madeline Reamy, Executive Director of Earth Share, “Our partnership with Green Express is a perfect fit. We work closely with Atlanta businesses who look to us for new ways to ‘green’ their workplaces. Here’s an easy way to reduce air pollution and save fuel.” Earth Share of Georgia is the state’s only dedicated environmental fund, and raises money for 61 leading environmental groups through employee giving campaigns and Earth Day events.

Jay Holgate, managing partner of Green Express courier knew it was time for a change when gas hit $3 a gallon last year. “Affordable gas is the lifeblood of any courier company,” Holgate explains. “With gas prices at an all-time high, our hybrids are delivering significant savings.” He sensed that Atlanta companies would share his commitment to reducing their own use of imported oil, as well as their desire for cleaner air. The response has been tremendous. After all, every time a courier is used, that’s one less car on Atlanta’s roads. And now through Green Express, people will support Earth Share of Georgia.

Green Express estimates the hybrid cars use 46% less gas than traditional cars. Their drivers travel at least 2,500 miles every day delivering packages throughout metro Atlanta in 16 counties. Green Express hybrids average 47 miles per gallon, while their traditional cars get just 25 miles per gallon.
Plus, the hybrids are zero-emission vehicles while idling or going below 30 miles an hour. At higher speeds, they put out one ton of greenhouse gases to every 3.4 tons spewing from conventional cars.

Holgate and his team all have young children which was another motivator to go green. He notes, “with Atlanta’s frequent smog alerts, we have more cases of childhood asthma than almost any city in the country. Reducing air pollution matters. It matters to our kids. And it matters to our customers.”

Once Green Express took the leap of faith going green, it became a crusade – a kind of challenging game – to filter every process through an environmental microscope. To boost efficiencies even further, the most advanced GPS mapping technology is used to reroute drivers to alternate roads to avoid the worst traffic – another way to save fuel. One wrong turn can waste a gallon of gas every day times 10 cars; that’s at least 2,200 gallons a year.

Holgate encourages his customers to rethink how often they use their own cars for trips Green Express can easily handle. “We are already on the road using the most efficient routes driving zero-emission cars,” Holgate remarks. “It makes sense to let us run personal errands as well as business deliveries to save gas and people’s precious time.” Learn more at www.greendelivers.com.

Earth Share of Georgia offers citizens one smart and simple way to care for our air, land and water. As Georgia’s only dedicated environmental fund, Earth Share partners with businesses and employees to support 61 leading environmental groups through workplace giving campaigns, Earth Day and other activities. For more information on how you and your company can help carry on the Earth Day message throughout the year, call Earth Share of Georgia at 404-873-3173, or visit www.earthsharega.org.

For photos and to schedule an interview, please contact Elizabeth Patrick at
404-873-3173 or elizabeth@earthsharega.org.

Green Express Partners with Earth Share