Friday, January 1, 2010

A Quick Delivery Courier Atlanta Customers Welcome to Switch to GREEN Express

Green Express is welcoming any A Quick Delivery Courier Customers in Atlanta that want to switch to an eco-friendly courier company.

Green Express uses hybrid electric cars which use less fuel, emit less toxins which is better for Atlanta. Traditional courier vehicles emit 80% more toxins than hybrid cars.

Forbes Magazine named Atlanta #1 Toxic City in the United States in November of 2009. Everybody can do their part.

If we all work together, Atlanta can have cleaner air, water and be a safer place for our kids.

GREEN Express was named Innovative Company of the Year by the Clean Air Campaign of Georgia.

Do your part today and GO GREEN!

To order package delivery from Green Express call 770-394-3131 or to set up an account, click this link. Another Green Customer.