Thursday, January 21, 2010

GREEN Courier Targets Atlanta Architects, Attorneys, Medical Professionals, Non-Profits

Green Express launched a new ad campaign targeting Atlanta architects, Atlanta attorneys, Atlanta medical practitioners, advertising companies and non-profits. The theme of "Going Green" is becoming more and more popular as savvy businesses are constantly finding new ways to better brand their offerings.

Green Express was the first courier company in America to go with hybrid electric cars. Atlanta companies that chose Green Express like the public relations aspects of working with a company that is doing the right thing for the environment.

It has become very popular under these economic conditions to use suppliers and vendors who are environmentally conscious. Atlanta Executives realize going with a green courier is good for Atlanta. If you need a quick delivery, go with GREEN Express.

If you are an Atlanta architect or Atlanta attorney, please consider Going Green for Atlanta Courier deliveries.

To see the video, click on the link below:


To set up an account with GREEN Express, click on this link.

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