Friday, January 8, 2010

Green Express Delivers Blankets & Coats to Homeless During Cold Snap

With temperatures dropping quickly, Green Express couriers is picking up blankets and coats from Atlanta businesses and distributing them to the Atlanta Union Mission. With sub-freezing weather, there are rising needs in the homeless community for protection.

Because the weather temperatures were dropping below freezing for an extended period of time, the courier company felt it was crises time for some Atlanta families and wanted to help.

The services homeless men seek during these times are emergency rescue services. Atlanta Union Mission hopes to invite them in to receive recovery and re-entry services that will help homeless men move from the streets to independent living.

“Extreme weather often forces many homeless men to seek refuge when they normally would be unwilling to seek help,” said Atlanta Union Mission CEO Jim Reese. “The Shepherd’s Inn starts by welcoming these men into our facility to meet their basic needs for a night and then extends the offer to help them help themselves and come in off of the streets permanently.”

Many of the men who come in off of the street come with just the clothes they are wearing at that time. Atlanta Union Mission not only provides them a warm place to sleep, a hot shower and hot meals, but additional clothing.

“We are always in need of men’s clothing and shoes, especially when weather is severe,” said Reese. “Men often come to the shelter as a last resort and many have been sleeping under bridges and overcoats without gloves, hats or layers of clothing to protect them against the sub-freezing temperatures.”

For individuals who want to donate, Atlanta Union Mission is also collecting blankets and winter coats for men, women and children in need with Project Overcoat The program is sponsored by Kroger, Fed Ex and Fox 5. Individuals with extra blankets and coats can take them to area Kroger stores beginning Saturday, January 9.

Atlanta Union Mission is a 71-year-old organization that serves the homeless and addicted of Atlanta and north Georgia. AUM is a comprehensive Christian-based ministry that provides rescue, recovery and re-entry programs for thousands of homeless and at risk men, women and children.

Programs range from emergency food and shelter to residential recovery programs and transitional housing. The Mission has five facilities in metro Atlanta and north Georgia.

Green Express is Atlanta’s Only eco-friendly courier, delivering packages in Metro Atlanta in hybrid cars which are better for the Atlanta environment. Green Express was a sponsor in the Canstruction project which is a food charity organized by the Society for Design Administration.

Green Express was named Innovative company of the Year in 2007 by the Clean Air Campaign of Georgia.

If employees of businesses can bring blankets and coats to their business office, Green Express couriers will have one of their drivers pick up the supplies and deliver them to the Atlanta Union Mission during this critical time. For pick up, please call 770-394-3131. Other donated items should be taken to a local Kroger.

For more information about Atlanta Union Mission or to donate during this critical time, go to or call 404-588-4000.

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