Thursday, October 2, 2008

GREEN Express Couriers Deliver During Atlanta Fuel Shortage

Energy shortage. First the problem was high gas prices. People complained that $4 gallon gas prices were eating up their discretionary income. Then when Hurricane Ike came through, Atlanta experienced a whole new problem. No gas. Refineries knocked off-line had reduced supply.

Atlanta gas stations had either no gas or a significantly smaller supply which usually went dry within a few hours. Many people were wasting gas by driving around looking for service stations with long lines. Fear and chaos prevailed.

Hybrid cars use less fuel. During the gas crises, Green Express couriers kept on driving and delivering packages around Atlanta. Green Express had converted their fleet of cars to hybrid vehicles in 2007. The hybrid electric cars were getting 50 miles per gallon and could go around 1100 miles before re-fueling. As most Atlanta drivers were getting stressed about finding fuel, Green Ex drivers just kept driving and delivering rush deliveries.

Managing partner Jay Holgate said, "Long lines at gas stations are stressful. We are glad our green business model of hybrid vehicles supported our customers during a fuel crises."

Finding gas stations with fuel, no problem. Since the company has GPS tracking on their cars, the dispatcher could go on-line and communicate to the drivers when they were near gas stations that had fuel. Most gas stations only had fuel for a couple of hours so the key was to get to a station quickly before long lines ate up supply.

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